Our Repatriate services include:

  • Transportation of the deceased from the airport or hospital:

    This includes transporting the deceased from the airport or hospital to a chapel or another predetermined location.

  • Comprehensive document service:

    Managing all required paperwork and documentation for the funeral process, such as permits and authorizations.

  • Liaison with the embassy and local authorities:

    If the deceased is of foreign nationality or if international aspects are involved, we, at International Burial Service communicate with the pertinent embassy and local authorities to guarantee compliance with legal and procedural requirements.

  • Obtain the death certificate :

    Obtaining the death certificate from the appropriate authorities with the option of providing translation services if required by the Consulate/Embassy. We can help you obtain the appropriate death certificate from the relevant authorities. Additionally, we offer translation services for the certificate if required by the Consulate/Embassy in the local language.

  • Embalming Service:

    We offer embalming services and provide specially trained staff to prepare the deceased for viewing or burial. Our services include embalming to temporarily preserve the body and apply necessary changes to enhance the appearance of the deceased for viewing or burial.

  • Suitable coffin and urn:

    We provide a range of suitable coffins for burial or cremation, as well as urns for holding ashes in case of cremation.

  • Floral arrangements and wreaths:

    As per wishes of the relatives we can take order and arrange floral decorations, wreaths, and ornaments for the funeral service and burial.

  • Funeral and memorial service arrangements:

    Planning the funeral or memorial service details, such as the venue, date, time, speakers, as well as any religious or cultural practices.