Different burial options

  • Direct burial:

    This is a simple and inexpensive option where the deceased is buried without a public service. There is no formal ceremony involved with this type of burial. It is a practical choice for those who prefer simplicity and minimal formalities.

  • Graveside, chapel or committal service:

    These services take place at the cemetery and allow family and friends to be present as the deceased is transferred to their final resting place for burial. These services can provide a more intimate and personal way of saying goodbye.

  • Visitation:

    Visitation, also known as viewing, allows family and friends to gather with the deceased in a designated space, either in an open or closed casket. This provides an opportunity for people to pay their respects, say goodbye and offer support or condolences to the bereaved.

  • Funeral or memorial service:

    These services can be held in a church, chapel or even a private home. The focus of these services is to celebrate, honour and remember the life of the deceased. They can be tailored to reflect the individuality and preferences of the person who has died, providing a personal and meaningful tribute.