Our cremation services

  • Complete documentation service:

    Managing all the necessary paperwork and documentation associated with the cremation process, which can be quite complex and overwhelming for the bereaved family.

  • Liaison with all parties involved in the cremation:

    Acting as an intermediary between various parties such as family members, authorities and religious institutions (church, priest) to ensure a smooth and organised cremation process.

  • Collection of the deceased from any location in Denmark:

    Offering the service of transporting the deceased from the place of death to the crematorium, which can be a great relief to the family.

  • Collection of personal effects:

    Collecting and managing the personal belongings of the deceased, which may include handling sentimental items with care and returning them to the family.

  • Body preparation:

    TEnsuring the respectful and appropriate preparation of the deceased's body for the cremation ceremony.

  • Cremation coffin and urn:

    Providing a suitable coffin for the cremation and an urn to hold the ashes afterwards, both of which are important elements of the process in accordance with the family's wishes and religious practices.

  • Flowers and wreaths:

    Offering floral arrangements and wreaths as a way of honouring the deceased and creating a respectful and comforting environment during the ceremony.

  • Memorial and funeral services:

    Organising memorial services and funeral ceremonies to provide a meaningful and dignified farewell for the deceased and to allow friends and family to gather and pay their respects.